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About us
About us

About us


Founded in 1997 by 2 Belgian entrepreneurs, Frontware International, based in Bangkok, Thailand, has been committed to offering offshore outsourcing software development services to corporations worldwide.

Our core competency areas are networking, web/internet software, systems software, multi-platform software developments and porting. Our platform expertise includes Windows, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, .NET, Linux, etc, while technologies we use involve in C#, Visual Basic & VB .NET, Java, Javascript, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, etc.

Our project executions are based on a complete and structured technical analysis done and approved by the customer and we have the ability to respond quickly to customer’s requirements and deliver quality products at highly competitive prices. As a result, we have been growing rapidly with the confidence to provide the quality services and products which will enhance the effectiveness of your business operations.

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